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Garden Arbor - Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, I'm Steve Bradley and this is my wife Karalu. Welcome to our frequently asked questions web page.

For Questions or Inquiries Call us
Please Don't Hesitate to Call.

Why choose a Copper Arbor over a Wooden Arbor?
About 28 years ago, I helped my mother build an arbor out of wood. We bought some plans and then went to the lumber yard to get all the supplies. That was the easy part. She worked a regular job, and I went to school, so this project would have to be done on the weekends. After four weekends, we constructed and painted her beautiful wooden arbor. We decided to plant a climbing rose and in four years time, it fully covered the arbor. What a beautiful addition to our garden. About eight years after construction, we noticed that the arbor was leaning and pulling the rose out of the ground. Upon investigation, we noticed that the wooden legs and some of the lattice was rotted and needed replacing. The arbor needed some serious repair work and the only way to do this was to cut the rose and replace the rotted pieces. We both looked at each other and agreed that we never want this to happen again. We thought that there must be an alternative to wood. My mother suggested a metal arbor that wouldn't rust and would be appealing to the eye. So, I created for her the original Copper Arbor that was maintenance free and would never falter under the rose. She was so happy that we would never have to replace or repair her arbor again.

Do you use Plumber's Pipe?


FACT: All copper used in our arbors, other arbors found on the Internet and in your local garden store are made with plumber's pipe. The difference is that most plumbers and some Copper Arbor Manufacturers use a Type "M" (thin wall) copper pipe. We use Type "L" (heavy wall) copper pipe.

FACT: Plumbers have been using copper pipe for over 100 years. Plumbers have found that the best way to join copper pipe is with using copper fittings. The main reason they use fittings is that they found it too time consuming boring holes in the copper pipe. Thus costing the customer more in labor for something that is less then good structurally. They also found that when they joined 2 similar sized pipes together
( inch to inch) the pipes would not maintain their structural integrity. One solution would be to connect a smaller inch pipe into inch pipe. This also poses a problem not only is the Structural Integrity of the inch pipe lessened but now the overall strength is reduced by going to the smaller inch pipe. See the below photo.

Other Method of joining Copper Our joining system using All 3/4" copper. Strong, Sturdy and Clean.

We only use Elegant Copper Connectors not found in a plumber's store. Our connectors join the pipe in the same way but, as you can clearly see from the photos below, they are smooth and clean looking.

Plumber's Fittings. Our Copper Connectors.

Twenty years ago I made the First Copper Arbor and sold it to stores through out the United States. There have been many people who have tried to imitate our arbors. Some have tried to improve a joinery system that has been around for a century. We feel that the Structural Integrity of your Copper Arbor should not be compromised by someone's Artful Creation.

We create simple and elegant Arbors, so your plants can be the Artful Creation and Focal Point of your garden.

Do your Arbors come assembled?
Your Copper Arbor comes partially assembled. The copper connectors have already been bonded, so all you need to do is slip the upright tubes into place and use the liquid type solder (included). It takes about 15 minutes. No tools are needed for assembly.

Is it easy to assemble?
One word describes the assembly… "Easy". These arbors, with their step-by-step picture instructions, make it easy for everyone and anyone to assemble. If you have any questions please call me at 360-403-9532.

How do I secure my Arbor?
Four holes will need to be dug to a recommended soil depth of at least 12 inches. Place arbor into holes adjusting width of uprights until perpendicular to ground. Tamp soil as you fill the holes. That's all there is to it!

What if I live in a real windy area?
If you have strong winds you may want to add some concrete into your
your arbor holes. Special note: If you pour concrete in the holes, just
keep in mind, that if you ever decide to change your landscaping your
arbor may be difficult to move.

Once the Arbor is installed what is the height?
All of the arbors are a standard 8-foot tall (out of the box). Once you have
installed your arbor into the ground the actual walk through distance is 7

Can I get a taller ARBOR?
If you need more height just give me a call at 360-403-9532.

I need an Arbor with different dimensions. Custom Work?
If you have special needs, please Email me at: or call me at 360-403-9532
to work out the details.

What can I put on my Arbor?
There are many climbers such as: Rose, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Sweet
Peas, Jasmine, Scarlet Runner, Bougainvillea, Black-eyed Susan Vine,
Easter Lily Vine, Passion Vine, Ivy, Celastrus and Kiwi. These are all very
Beautiful and will brighten your garden. Special Note: Some people want
to know if the arbor will hold a Wisteria or a grape. The answer is yes,
if you keep them trimmed up.

How long will it take my ARBOR to turn that pretty Blue-Green color?
It may take years depending on how close you are to salt air or how
much pollution is in the air. The process can be sped up with a special
solution that is safe for you and your plants.

What type of Copper Tubing do you use?
Each arbor is made using ¾ inch type "L" heavy wall copper tubing to
ensure quality, strength and structural integrity.
Read what our customers have to say here - ARBOR TESTIMONIALS .

Which Garden Copper Arbor is right for me?
We have many to choose from. Once you have selected a setting for your
Copper Arbor, measure the area then select the appropriate arbor from our
main Arbor page. If you need a different size than what we offer, please feel free
to call me and we'll discuss your CUSTOM ARBOR needs. Call me at 360-403-9532.

How long will it take to get my Garden Arbor?
Most of the time, your Copper Arbor will ship on the next business day. We
use UPS ground service and in most cases you'll have your arbor in 4-5
business days, depending on where you live.


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