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Hello, I'm Steve Bradley and this is my wife Karalu. Welcome to our Wedding Arbor page.

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Add elegance to your Wedding. A gift that keeps on giving.

Our Wedding Arbors reflect beauty and romance. Used for both indoor and out door weddings. Very popular and forever a treasured memory. As your wedding day ends and your new life begins… Place your Arbor in your yard or garden. What a story it will tell. Start a tradition every anniversary and walk under your arbor, kiss and reflect back on your special wedding day. Below are just a few photos of many Weddings that have used our Arbors.

We can create a Custom Arbor to your specifications or choose one of our specially priced Wedding Arbors. Send us an e-mail or call us at 360-403-9532 to discuss your wedding needs. Some examples of our Wedding Arbors are shown here.

Wedding of the Year
Click Here To see more photos Of the "Wedding of the Year"
Hosted by Carolyn Laster of Mississippi

Please allow one week for building these Wedding Arbors

The Genesis





Custom Wedding Arbor
7'Wide x 28" Deep x 10' High(top of Arch)


The Genesis Arbor made of sturdy 3/4 " Copper makes a great addition to any indoor or outdoor Wedding. 
Comes with or without CROSS on top. Please specify.

The Song of Solomon





Out of Stock
Copper Metal Wedding Arbor
7' Wide x 18" Deep x 9' H

Top piece

A pure and natural Arbor with a touch of romance. Crowned with two solid bronze fledgling birds created by the late Mary L. Bradley. Strong and sturdy yet graceful and elegant. This Arbor will stand out at your Wedding or in your Garden with its beauty and grace.  


Created for you …
The Preston.

An Old English Copper Arbor with a new grand Arched Top. The Preston will definitely make a strong statement in your Yard or Garden.

The Preston



Copper Arbor Preston
7' Wide x 18" Deep x 9' High

The Morgan

Extra Shipping:

Do to the large crates and boxes this Arbor requires additional shipping charges



Garden Arbor Morgan
8' Wide x 18" Deep x 10' H

A very Large and Grand Arbor. The Morgan definitely makes a grand entrance where ever it is placed. Perfect for an outdoor wedding or event. A gorgeous entrance to a Rose Garden, Walkway or even a Pond

An Arbor gift for you my dear…
because I love you so.
Let us stand under it and marry,
then watch our love grow.
Strong and sturdy like our love,
never will it fall.
The shinny copper of our youth
will soon turn with age we know.
The new beauty of the arbor stands out even
As we grow. With the blue green hue it now reflects
a timeless love we know.
An Arbor gift for you my dear…
because I love you so.
Come stand with me and reminisce
our Wedding day and how our love
has grown.

K.M. Bradley

Garden Expressions®
22627 SR 530 N.E.
Arlington, WA 98223